Sabalos Lodge

You are very welcome to our beautiful land; land of hard working people with a great spirit to make this country, a better one.
An article of Sabalos Lodge from one of the most famous news papers of United Kingdom “The Guardian”.

You've found the first chapter of the adventure of your life! Here at Sabalos Lodge you can explore the beauty of the Nicaraguan wilderness along the Rio San Juan. Relax after a long day in our hammocks while you take a cold drink, and enjoy an amazing view of the river. The place for the true adventurer and our goal is to give each of our visitors a genuine experience that will last for a lifetime. The biodiversity of the area offers you the chance of seeing exotic wildlife right outside your cabin.

**Before you arrive, please let us know your alimentary preferences and others.**


We need help to advance our small business and the development of the surrounding communities. We seek a volunteer translator to work in Sabalos Lodges, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua, with a minimum of 2 months or more


Sabalos Lodge offers 10 cabins, which are divided into 3 different models:
Adventure, Family and Fish Cabins.

Adventure Cabins

5 Adventure Cabins: Tarzan, Jane, Cheetah, Jaguar and Howler Monkey.
It situated on the shore of the Rio San Juan, 3 meters above the ground, 1 room with 1 double bed, 1 single bed at the living room that seems like a sofa. The beds have mosquito nets. Innovative design room and porch with hammocks overlooking the river.

Value of these Adventure cabins: U$ 65.00 dollars a night including breakfast.

Family Cabin

Family Cabin
Located along the banks of the Rio San Juan. It has: a room equipped with 2 double beds, mosquito nets, bath prepared for tourists with disabilities, 1 single bed at the living room that like a sofa. The porch on the river, with hammocks and game chairs.

Value of cabin family: U$ 80.00 dollars a night including breakfast.

Fish Cabins

Fish Cabins: tarpon, Gar Fish, Guapote, Mojarra.
All cabins have: bed nets, private bathroom and porch with chairs and hammocks overlooking the Rio San Juan.

Value of Tarpon: U$ 59.00 dollars a night.
Value of Gar fish: U$ 49.00 dollars a night.
Value of Guapote: U$ 39.00 dollars a night.
Value of Mojarra: U$ 39.00 dollars a night.
Price include breakfast


How to get here

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Public boats From San Carlos To Sabalos Lodge
San Carlos to Sabalos Lodge U$ 13 per person.
Sabalos Lodge to San Carlos U$ 13 per person.

How to use the public boats to travel to Sabalos Lodge
If you are in San Carlos go to Boat Station to purchase your boat ticket. You must purchase your ticket to El Castillo. When the boat man ask for your ticket tell him you are going to Sabalos Lodge. It’s after you pass Sabalos Town. If you don’t clarify the boat will drop you in Sabalos Town before Sabalos Lodge..

Important recommendations:
- You must remember the boat man that you will stop in Sabalos Lodge
- When the public boat arrive to Sabalos Town you prepare because in next 5 minutes the boat will pass in front of Sabalos Lodge, the boat driver needs maneuver to park in Sabalos Lodge harbor.

Departure From San Carlos
Pass in front of Sabalos Lodge
Monday to Sunday fast boat
6:30 AM
7:30 AM
Monday to Sunday
8:00 AM
10:15 AM
Monday to Sunday fast boat
10:00 AM
11:00 AM
Monday to Saturday
12:00 md
2:30 PM
Monday to Friday
2:30 PM
4:30 PM
Monday to Saturday
3:30 PM
5:30 PM
BUS monday to sunday, BUS last public transportation
4:30 PM
Bus arrive Sabalos about 6:30 PM
1:15 PM
3:30 PM

Important recommendations:
- From Sabalos Lodge, we need to call the boat owner to the boat stop in our harbor to pick you up.

Pass by Sabalos Lodges
Arrive to San Carlos
Monday to Saturday
5:45 AM
8:00 AM
Monday to Sunday fast boat
5:45 AM
7:00 AM
Mond, Tuesd, Wed & Friday
6:45 AM
9:00 AM
Monday to Saturday
7:45 AM
10:00 AM
Monday to Sunday fast boat
9:45 AM
11:00 AM
Monday to Saturday fast boat
11:30 AM
12:45 AM
Monday to Sunday
2:45 PM
5:00 PM

To program your tour to El Castillo also you can visit a wild reserve use the public boat as the follow.
Sabalos Lodge to El Castillo U$ 2.00 per person.
El Castillo to Sabalos Lodge U$ 2.00 per person.

Pass by Sabalos Lodge
Arrive to El Castillo
Monday to Sunday fast boat
07:30 AM
08:00 AM

Departure from El Castillo
Pass in front of Sabalos Lodge
Monday to Sunday
2:00 PM
2:45 PM


From Costa Rica
From Fortuna straight to Los Chiles (border): Every day at 7:30 a.m. the “Aventuras Arenal” bus picks up tourists from all hotels in Fortuna for the Caño Negro tour (in the border with Nicaragua) at a cost of US $ 43.00 per person.

In Los Chiles (Costa Rica) you have to clear immigration. At 12 noon there is a boat headed directly to immigration offices in en San Carlos (Nicaragua). After clearing immigration, the tourist may take our private boats, or public transportation to get to Sabalos Lodge. The key to the trip to Nicaragua lies in the Fortuna town of Arenal Volcano, contact trip from Fortuna in Costa Rica to San Carlos in Nicaragua.

Many Important airlines fly to Managua from anywhere in the world:

Driving To San Carlos
If you are in Nicaragua, you can drive to San Carlos in the newest road of the country. The road is in a great shape. From Managua to San Carlos 290 kilometers/180 milles you can spend around 4 hours to 4:30 minutes, following the regulation of maximum speed of the roads. When you arrive to San Carlos park your car at the harbor and take the local boats to Sabalos Lodge. If your vehicle is a 4x4, you can drive to Sabalos Town.

Driving To Sabalos Lodge
Leave Managua, drive from the airport in North direction about 36 kilometers you will drive through “San Benito” town approximately 100 yards after a gas station you will turn right in direction to El Rama. About 90 kilometers ahead it’s the town Juigalpa, where you can use a nice bathroom in Tip Top restaurant, also the last place to refill gasoline using credit card, all gas station ahead are cash only

From Juigalpa drive 30 kilometers until “empalme de Lobago” turn forward San Carlos. Then keep right approximately 100 kilometers until “Las Argentinas” there you will found a roundabout, if you keep straightforward 20 kilometers to San Carlos. Or if you turn left you will drive in the shortest way to Sabalos Lodge. Turning left in this intersection can save half hour.

At the village of Las Azucenas in central square turn right one block, then turn left one small block, you will see a ground road to Sabalos Town, I suggest asking to do not to lose the correct way, the important thing is to locate the village of Las Azucenas which will leave the paved road on the way to enter in a ground road, to the town of La Esperanza about 12 kilometers, then keep driving to Sabalos town aprox. 20 more kilometers in ground road until Sabalos Town, were you will park your car at the house at the left.

After Las Azucenas town, drive 2 kilometers of ground road you will find this intersection, turn right follow the picture:


service car transportation from Managua or Granada to San Carlos(one way)

Departure Place
1 to 3 passengers
4 to 5 passengers
6 to 8 passengers
Managua to San Carlos 150 U$ 250 U$ 280 U$
Granada to San Carlos 160 U$ 270 U$ 300 U$

San Juan River
By airplane: commercial airlines or private plane. All flights to San Carlos out of the Mercedes International Airport in LA COSTEÑA Airline, which is located at the entrance to the airport. The cost of the outward and return fare is approximately $ 120.00 dollars and lasts 50 minutes.

Commercial flights to San Carlos: On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday there are flights from Managua to San Carlos leaves at 12 noon, returns to Managua at 1:30 pm. On Sundays often late and lost transport connection group.

flight is late loses connection boat last Sunday leaving at 1:30 pm.

La Costeña Airline
All flights depart from Augusto C. Sandino Airport. LA COSTEÑA is located at the airport entrance. They are you can contact through the following ways:

- Sending an email to Bismarck Orozco, sales agent
- Sending an email to
- Sending an email to
- Calling these numbers (505)2263-2142, (505)2263-2143, (505)2263-2144

Flights from Costeña (Managua) to San Carlos
Flights are 3 times a week:

- Managua to San Carlos: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from Managua to San Carlos go out at 12 pm.
- San Carlos to Managua: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from Managua to San Carlos departure at 1:30 pm.

Bus to San Carlos
From Managua go out 3 buses from the bus station Wholesale Market, located near the airport, the buses that make connection with the boats leave at 5:30 and 6:30 am. The fare is approximately $ 7.00, and dally of 6 hours of travel.

Buses also leave from Granada to San Carlos, these are addressed in Granada Pier Park.

Bus from Managua to San Carlos

From Managua
Bus hours
arrive to San Carlos
Express Bus
5:00 am 7.30 hrs 12:30 pm 150 C$ No yes
6:00 am 7.30 hrs 2:30 pm 150 C$ No yes
7:00 am 7.30 hrs 3:30 pm 150 C$ No yes
9:15 am 7.30 hrs 4:15 pm 150 C$ No yes
1:00 pm 5.00 hrs 6:00 pm 150 C$ yes No
5:00 pm 5.00 hrs 10:00 pm 150 C$ yes No
6:30 pm 5.00 hrs 11:00 pm 150 C$ No No

Bus from San Carlos to Managua

From San Carlos
Bus Hours
Arrive to Managua
2:00 am 7.30 hrs 9:30 am 150 C$
6:30 am 7.30 hrs 1:30 pm 150 C$
8:00 am 7.30 hrs 3:30 pm 150 C$
12:00 pm 7.30 hrs 7:30 pm 150 C$
2:30 pm 6.00 hrs 8:30 pm 150 C$
6:00 pm 5.00 hrs 11:00 pm 150 C$
9:00 pm 5.00 hrs 2:00 am 150 C$
10:30 pm 5.00 hrs 3:30 am 150 C$

Contact Us

Contact information

  • Owner manager: Rafael ChoiseulPraslin

  • Address: Front Raudal El Toro Boca de Sabalos, Muni. El castillo
  • Phone: (505) 8883-5800 (505) 8823-5514 (505) 2223-6464
  • Email: ||